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Dear lord,

You are the light of the world and I KNOW that everything we see here in the middle east and even those brave firefighters who died trying to save those poor babies on 9/11 were ALL part of your plan. I know that if we just trust in you, THE ONE TRUE GOD, and keep fighting evil we will prevail and good will win again.

Lord, Please forgive me for trying to run over that peacee protestor at that STUPID show-off march. I was furious with freedom -so much so that i just went beserk when I saw those upside down flags and those FREAKS chanting: (f word) Bush. NOBODY MAKES A MOCKERY OF MY LEADER and the greatest country on earthNOBODY. but runnning over people is wrong unless they are clearly trying to attack me first. If they were Iraqi's well, lets say I would have sent them to allah ealry LOL!

so anyway,

I know that things have been really hard in heaven and i bet jesus is just BLISTERIN to get down here and CLEAN UP Iraq for us. And I know you are too... but this is our war -OUR fight and we must clean up the mess of Islamo-nazism and the terrorists. When we are done with iraq, my lord, we shall go into Iran and syria and norrth Korea and take care of more buisness.

and when buisness is done... we are gonna have a party BABY!

In your name lord, I am keeping ever vigilant to protect the homeland and serve my president.

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Shit head


March 31 2003, 16:55:59 UTC 14 years ago

You are a brainless idiot! You deserve America's unelected dictator taking your freedoms away in the name of your safety. Shit for breains!
im just going to have to delete this one, assface.



April 1 2003, 14:12:29 UTC 14 years ago

you dream of world war 3.... too bad we would lose that war..

have you learned nothing from history? such a fool.
ooooh hardy har har! want a punch in the nose?
you are INSANE!!!!!!
stop praying to your 'god' on the
computer, because nobadaddy cares.
or does your 'god' read live journal?
SURE WHATEVER JACKASS! why are posting anonymously if you are so tough??? you moran.
//trying to save those poor babies//

So I suppose the Iraqi babies we've killed with the bombing somehow don't factor into God's Magnificent Plan.

You can support whatever you want...I'm not going to argue on the internet with someone who's so obviously pro-war. But don't pick and choose which parts of Christianity to use when you're shouting about it. Last time I checked, "all God's children" meant ALL of them.